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Tivoli hotel - omer polak

Between life and death​

Olfactory installation - The process of flower wave


The Installation Between life and death illustrates an abstract portrait of the city of Sao Paulo, using more than two thousand flowers, unique odors of the city, and a three-meter-long table made out of mirrors.


On each side of the mirror table, we placed a glass tube filled with the odors of Sao Paulo. While someone comes to sniff it, he needs to bend and by this, he will discover the flowers’ reflection on the table as well as his own face’s. 



Client: Tivoli Hotel Sau Paulo, Brazil

All the odors made in collaboration with DROM SP


Curator: Waldick Jatoba

Pictures by Massimo Failutti for MADE São Paulo, Brazil 

Tivoli hotel - omer polak
Tivoli hotel - omer polak
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