The TCHELET island


What's the connection between a marine insect and a glorious Jewish economy?
What's between 5 isles along the coast of Israel and an ancient, thriving prosperous?

Tchelet island is a project that follows after a marine snail that was
raised in the islands of Israel, and was the base for the extensive and luxurious industry of religious and royal clothing in ancient times. The project tells the story of 5 islands, one snail, and an ancient craft, whose secret disappeared and vanished because of power and prestige battles, until it has been re-exposed by Rabbis and researchers, and is now functioning in one workshop in Kefar Kdumim in the desert of Israel. 
Collaboration with Ptil Tchelet 
Client: Jerusalem Design Week 
Textil Assistant:  Naama Caspi
Stills by Tomer Zmora
Video by Yoav Shavit
Anat zafran & Tal Erez