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Florentin collection ​

sunglasses | 2017| client: Design museum Holon

Inspired by the surrounding of my studio in south Tel Aviv, I designed a collection of sunglasses. Each model represents a different character, person, neighbor or visitors in the neighborhood Florentin, in Tel Aviv.
since 1929, development of the area was spurred by its proximity to the Jaffa–Jerusalem railway and
become known for its industrial area, carpentries, metal workshops and small craft businesses that focus on a small production of everyday life products.


The first step in the design process was to leave the studio and turn the point of view to the small workshops of the neighborhood that survived over the years and to learn from their craft skills.
In particular, the technique used to create the sunglasses was inspired by a small workshop for MATKOT production. a racquet similar to beach tennis, made out off thin wood lamination. The wood lamination layers and the colorful layers of the graffiti covering the walls of the neighborhood led to the outcome design of this collection.



Part of the permanent collection of the Design Museum Holon, Israel.





studio omer polak

Shay Ben Efraim for Design Museum Holon



Design Museum Holon

Curated by  Maya Dvash 



Florentin sunglasses by omer polak
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