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Stomach surface by omer polak

Stomach Surface 

Food design


This project deals with the psychology of food. In kitchens around the world--including Scotland, Bosnia, Syria, Kenya, Turkey, Iraq, and Nepal--Lamb tripe has served as a major culinary component. Our concept makes use of lamb tripe in the creation of a new type of dish and accompanying serving surface made of porcelain


Salt, sugar, vinegar, fire, and vacuum are all used to preserve and pickle foods. These techniques have evolved over thousands of years all over the world. We still use these techniques to extend time and stretch boundaries, trying to change the laws of nature.

The unusual texture of lamb tripe imprints the plate surface. The inner texture becomes the outside and exposes the internal, intimate and secret processes of food decomposition both inside and outside of our own bodies, invoking questions regarding eating, digestion, and food consumption.




This project was made in collaboration with Feincook by the chef Yair Feinberg 



Sarah Liberman 

Tomi Harpaz for HAARETZ



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