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Sound vtrine by Omer Polak

Sound vitrine

Storytelling object

Every one of us carries his/her own memories from the past. Those memories are often presented through many objects, that we collected over a lifetime. Those objects tell our personal history. Usually, we tend to keep those objects behind a glass display in a vitrine. Display cases were used as a "campfire" during many social events. Dating and flirting occurred around the vitrine, around the stories buried into the objects.


The Sound Vitrine provides a new experience for the user. In fact, the vitrine contains only the stories, without the objects themselves. By opening the display doors, you can listen to the stories and memories, which is the most significant experience.

The first laugh of a baby, a wedding ceremony, a social gathering, the voice of a person who just passed away, or just a simple sound, can make us either smile or cry.


But how does it work? The user can transfer files directly from the mobile phone into the Sound Vitrine.

For this project, I conducted many interviews with people who had told me their stories and shared their experiences and their relationships with objects.



Sound vtrine by Omer Polak
Sound vtrine by Omer Polak
Sound vtrine by Omer Polak

Memories stool; As a part of the project I made this stool out of many shredded letters. 

memories I collected from different people.

A mixture of words, parts of stories become a Seat to reminiscing
The Shredded letters were crammed together in order to create a stable construction.

To strengthen the legs I used wool knitted it all into one unit



Memory stool by Omer Polak
Sound vtrine by Omer Polak
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