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Seating low eating slow

Seating low Eating slow

Food design - eating experience

As a part of a two-days design seminar, in the lowest place on Earth, The Dead Sea, we created the "Sitting Low - Eating Slow" dinner for 150 participants. Each one of the participants designed and made his own plate and cutlery.


During the seminar of the ID department of Bezalel Academy of art and design, in the presence of Finnish chef Antto Melasniemi, we focused on different traditional cooking techniques, as well as tools for cooking made by crafts and low-tech methods.


Sitting low Eating slow was the final event of the seminar. 150 designers came together over a long salt table while being seated on the ground along the shore. The way of seating around the long table created a special eating experience that led the participants to be responsible for their friends. The food passed hand by hand, from the beginning of the table to the end.





Advisor: Ami Drach  

Team : Tamir Niv, Idan Raizberg, Michal Eviatar, Ofer Berman, Omer Polak  

Guest Chef: Antto Melasniemi


Part of the Bezalel Dead Sea seminar

ID department.



seating low eating slow project
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