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Penedo aesop by omer polak


Essential oil diffuser | 2018 | Client: Aesop

Penedo is electronic Essential oil diffuser. The heating mechanism inside the stone is able to warm up the oil and spread it in the space. 


As an inspiration for the essential oil diffuser, I looked on traditional Australian aboriginal craftsmanship,

as well as Amazonian tribes rituals. The sense of smell is playing huge rules in those communities.

The design research focused on liquid containers, water, drinks, and other goods as well as traditional tools and craftsmanship techniques.

The craftsman is choosing the most suitable stone, designed by nature, and by minimal intervention, he changes the function and the use of the piece. Using this approach I designed the Penedo heating stones. Minimal design, that gives space to the sense of smell, and brings us back to nature


Photographer: Emili Fradella


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