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Marsotto_Omer Polak_ Pic by Younes Klouc

Moon \ Levana

Client: Marsotto Lab 

The Moon \ Levana clock is a part of the Sphere collection, designed for Marzotto Lab.

This series of objects was inspired by the simplicity of the geometric shape of the sphere and its abilities.
The Moon clock has two mechanisms, that shows two different time zones. Black and white, Night and day. Time presented by colors.


The Moon clock, (30cm diameter), is hanging from the ceiling by black thin metal wire that gives the object lightness. The moon is floating in harmony in the space.


The gesture of looking up to the sky refers to the old techniques of reading time through an Astronomical object like the stars, the sun, and the moon, and raise questions about our relationship with nature in these days.


Photographer: Younes Klouche for Marsotto x Ecal 


Part of the permanent collection of the Design Museum Holon

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