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Digital superstition

FoMo, (fear of missing out} flower, contemplates the balance between nature and the digital world, nostalgia, superstition

and wishful thinking that comes true or not.


This 3D printed flower, (by Stratasys), combined with more than 200 real eyelashes.

Each eyelash contains a secret wish and tells a private story.

What if we could read one’s wishes through his\her eyelashes? What if we could make them true by connecting people to each other? Do we all have the same basic wishes or are they very unique and private? How does the digital world affect the old tradition of superstitions and why do we still need them? This project deals with questions about our social behavior and beliefs, superstition, and old customs changing through the years and being affected by the high technology and the possibilities it brings to our life.





Printed by Stratasys 


3D Modeling by Noam Toledano 

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