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Culinary Slow Food

Food design


The project deals with the cooking psychology; food design as a starting point for a critical social thought. The project offers a new design, partly based on molecular cooking capabilities of local dishes.

Some are based on personal narrative and some on the local food culture which changes as a part of the consumer culture.

This diner installation served local meals in a different way of appearance and texture, which is eaten by

a special cutlery. The projects entitle to raise the way our minds changed throughout the years, from an agricultural society, gathering and hunting behavior to an industrial one.

Our society has created a huge gap between the appearance of the final dish and its constituent materials


Best Design Award 2013 


Credits: ​


Advisors: Prof. Ami Drach, OBM, & Liora Rosen   


Photographer: Moti Fishbain

Patisserie: David Laor

Great cook: Yaffa & Nenad Polak


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