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Eating experience events 

crEATe is a series of experiential artistic, culinary events. In each of these events, we bring together a chef and an artist (from varying artistic disciplines) in order to create a multi-sensory occurrence.

This is neither an art event with food or a dinner entertained by an art show. The goal is to examine the ways food and art can trigger and influence each other.  The last event: crEATe no3 "What you see is not what you get", was hosted by decal-quai gallery, Montreux, Switzerland. 

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 Chef: SENS Collective (Luis Zuzarte & Felipe Raupp) , Samar Abu Frahia
Artist: Omer Polak, Nina Gautier

Video art : Laure Mahnes
Art Direction: Omer Polak, Cäcilia Verweyen

Photographers:  Simone Sandahl



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