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Furoshiki Toiletry bag design by Omer & Alexandra


Toiletry bag| 2018 | Client: Aesop

Furukishi is a toiletry bag for the modern wanderer. As an inspiration for the Toiletry case project, we looked at the wanderer character, the tramp,the traveler, The movement of the modern lifestyle.

Our research moved between fine art, like Gustave Courbet - (Bonjour Monsieur Courbet, 1854), to traditional customs, like the Zimmerer Walz (Wanderjahre) in the German-speaking countries and special methods like the Furukishi, traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that usually used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods.

Our toiletry bag is combining traditional knowledge and customs with functionality for the everyday life trip. It has two different bags, for different uses and allowed the user to travel comfortable and easy.



Photographers: Emili Fradella

Calypso Mahieu for Ecal x Aesop


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